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Carpet Cleaning Services and Stain Removal versus Replacement

It is almost inevitable that carpeting will become stained over time. Stained carpet can be caused by spilled food or drink, pet accidents, and other types of mishaps. In many cases, once a stain has set, homeowners and business owners often consider replacing the carpet with new carpet. While this is a good idea at times, today’s modern carpet stain removal services are just as valid a solution. Let’s look at both and compare.

When considering replacing stained carpeting with new carpeting, keep the following in mind:
• New carpeting is expensive
• New carpeting can takes days to install
• New carpeting often requires the added cost of new padding
• Installing new carpeting can disrupt routine business or home life

Now, let’s look at some of the factors surrounding professional carpet cleaning as an alternative:
• Stain removal is far less expensive than new carpeting
• Professional cleaning services can have the job done in hours, not days
• Professional stain removal does not require new padding to be installed
• Carpet stain removal services do not interrupt business activities or home life

It can be said that several years ago many homeowners and business owners were not often satisfied with the results that they say with most carpet cleaning services that were geared at stain removal. Today, however, modern cleaning products, along with modern equipment, have made stain removal the option of choice for many of those needed a clean carpet. Today’s environmentally safe cleaning products are safe to use in both the home and the workplace. They do not harm people or pets, and they can provide amazing results when used properly. When these new products are used with modern equipment by trained personnel, most stains are gone fast!

If one were to compare the cost of having carpeting replaced with the cost of having it professionally cleaned, the results would be dramatic. For a fraction of what new carpeting would cost, a professional stain removal service can be hired, with the result that the carpet looks and smells like new. And, with a professional cleaning service, there are no added costs such as having to buy and install new padding which can add to the bill substantially.

If you have a carpet, one room or more, that needs to be cleaned of stains, consider speaking with a professional stain removal service before you buy that new carpet. You many be surprised at just how far along new cleaning techniques have come, and you will certainly be pleased by the cost savings.

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