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FAQs on our Carpet Cleaning Service

Q: Do you charge per hour or per job?
A: We do not charge per hour. Before we do anything we give you a fixed price. Sometimes we can offer prices over the phone, but mostly we like to come round and give a quote at your home .
Q: What is your programme?
A: Usually the program is 08.00 AM to 08.00 PM, but we can be quite flexible upon your requirements.
Q: Are you fully trained?
A: We take carpet,rugs and upholstery cleaning very seriously and take courses every year. We are up to date with the latest methods and cleaning standards you expect. Certificates can be shown on request.
Q: Are you fully insured?
A: Yes we are. We have comprehensive business insurance with certification provided on request.
Q: Someone in the house suffers from an allergy, will the cleaning chemicals be a problem?
A: Because carpet cleaning methods rely water based chemicals the carpet cleaner should be made aware of the allergy so measures can be taken to ensure that the risk of the allergy sufferer coming into contact with any cleaning chemicals. The allergy sufferer should not enter the room that has had items cleaned within it for a twenty-four hour period.
Q: Shall I have to move my furniture?
A: We can move objects like sofas, armchairs, light wardrobes, etc, but you have to move or clear some small stuff, breakable items, glassware, antiques, etc., including those inside cabinets that may need to be moved.
Q: How long will my carpets and upholstery take to dry?
A: There are a few factors to consider – the amount of soiling in the carpet, the length of pile, the weather, the temperature and humidity in the property. Part of a professional carpet cleaner’s skill is to clean the carpets as thoroughly as possible and leave the carpets as dry as possible. However with our latest equipment and methods they should be dry in 4 to 6 hours. Upholstery furniture can take double than carpet to dry.
Q: Will my carpets shrink if I have it cleaned?
A: Some carpets are prone to shrinkage, however even these will not shrink if they are cleaned correctly. We can inspect this at the time of our visit, take appropriate measures and safest method of cleaning for prevention.
Q: I had my carpets cleaned recently and they have gotten dirty quicker. Why is this?
A: Choosing the proper cleaning system is important. Some systems and incorrect application methods may leave residues which accelerates re-soiling and defeats the whole purpose of cleaning. This is not the case with the system and products we use.
Q: How long will it take you to clean my carpets and upholstery?
A: It all depends on the size of room, level of soiling, how much furniture is in the room, etc. Again with the latest equipment we use, we will complete the work as fast as possible in order that your home or premises will return to normal in time.
Q: How soon can I use my carpet or upholstered furniture after cleaning?
A: It will vary depending on the method of cleaning, the amount of ventilation and type of carpet or rug. However, even when our water based cleaning is used, our drying equipment reduces the drying time greatly. Carpets are normally fully dry between 2 to 6 hours with most being dry within 4 hours. Upholstery can take a little longer and we would recommend you wait until the following day until using your furniture after cleaning, but in many cases it is less than that.
Q: Will hot water extraction (steam cleaning) damage my carpet?
A: Absolutely not! Hot water extraction is the method preferred by Shaw Industries and many other leading carpet manufacturers. It is considered by many to be the best method of removing embedded soil and other contaminants.
Q: Will it be possible to remove all of the stains on my carpet ?
A: Every stain or spot will be treated, however some stains are permanent, so we cannot guarantee their complete removal, but will certainly do our very best to remove them. Certain dyes from food coloring and other products such as pollens, tannin from tea, coffee etc, can cause permanent damage to carpets. Complete removal can be dependent on the length of time the stain has been in existence, so it’s imperative to have them treated at once.
Q: What exactly is protection and what does it do?
A: This is a protection treatment that can be applied to carpets and upholstery following the cleaning process. They act like a wax coating on a car’s paintwork. They won’t stop a suite or carpet getting dirty but they will slow the process down. Because they prevent the soils and spills from sticking to the fibres and it will also make it easier to remove marks and mop up spills. This helps prevent many unsightly permanent stains.
Q: Does protection really work?
A: Yes, it works in conjunction with the correct day to day maintenance. Most carpet cleaners do not give sufficient information when they sell protection which,is important if it is to work for you.
Q: What equipment do you use and why is Herts Carpet Cleaning different to everyone else?
A: We use the very latest professional equipment and industrial strength chemicals. Not only that we also give your carpet, rugs and upholstery a thorough pre-vacuum first before we even begin to clean! This is free of charge and can make an enormous difference to the end result. Most of carpet cleaners never pre-vacuum first, why you see poorer results.
Q: How often should carpets be cleaned?
A: Usually once at 12 months, but this depends by the number of people living in your house, weather, pets, etc.
Q: Can a carpet cleaner properly clean my carpet for £20 or less?
A: Not at all! Professional carpet cleaners need to have very expensive equipment to carry out this kind of work successfully. Less expensive equipment leaves large amounts of residue and moisture behind that may cause rapid re-soiling and possible damage to your carpets, rugs and upholstery. Additionally, most carpet cleaning problems are related to technical error, hence the need for proper training. Too low a price is a very questionable sign indeed. You get what you pay for!



All prices are inclusive of VAT. We will do our best to make sure your appliances, assets and furnishing are cleaned to a high standard. However, if they have not been cleaned, maintained and cared since they were purchased or mounted, regrettably we will not be liable for ingrained dirt, stains, scratches, etc. that cannot be removed using chemicals. We will try to remove and clean any small amounts of oil, paint, varnishes, wax or other such substances such as sticky tape, stickers or blu -tac, any higher amounts need extra charge. Cupboards, wardrobes, fridge and freezers must be empty of any stuff in order to be cleaned or we can do this for an extra charge. We clear all the stuff left behind like toilet rolls, shoes, books, etc. unless instructed(we are not removing large amount of stuff and rubbish left behind), make sure you let us know about that. If the property is not cleared and doesn't meet our terms we reserve the right to leave. We move most of the furniture around to cover most of the areas where applicable. We will try to get before & after photos where applicable.
Freezers must be defrosted in advance, as the timescales for defrosting may not enable us to thoroughly clean it. Dishwashers needs given a quick clean cycle prior leaving property. Our End of Tenancy Cleaning service does not include cleaning of walls. We reserve the right to amend the initial quotation, should the client’s original requirements change. We aim to response to complaints if they are made up to 48-hour after the cleaning. We will not accept a complaint based on an Inventory check report, filed more than 24-hour after the cleaning. If the carpets are being professionaly cleaned that won't guarantee the outcome of the stains. If there are special instructions to be applied please let us know beforehand. If decortion has been made on the proeprty and it is any substantial amount of paint & decoration stuff to be removed and cleaned we have to charge extra, this is not an after buliders cleaning service.
We prefer to be the last persons on the premises to avoid any discrepancies, if you got plumber, painter or other contractors, the best is for them to come before us. If you ask us to go back to rectify we need to charge if not our fault.


If you have any further questions about our cleaning service then please don’t hesitate to contact us.