Carpet Cleaning Method-Seven Steps


Carpet cleaning method | Inspection & Testing

Carpet cleaning method-This step is the most important step in the carpet cleaning method process. We test for color fastness and color bleed on patterned carpets. We test to ascertain what fibers are used to make the carpet. All of these factors combine to determine the best method for cleaning a carpet and the correct chemicals to get the very best results possible.


Dry Soil Removal

We thoroughly vacuum the carpet. This removes dry soilage from the carpet. Vacuuming extracts dust and grit to prevent turning dust into muddy residue when we begin cleaning with our machines. In addition to removing much of the dirt, this process lifts many of the fibers to allow access to the base of the construction in the following steps.
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Pre-spray treatment

We move on to treat the entire carpet with the appropriate cleaning agent for that carpet type.For this we use a specially formulated traffic lane cleaner to dissolve greasy soils on well used areas and high soilage areas. The pre-spray is left to dwell on the carpet fibers to break down soilage and dirt.



We use a special designated carpet brush to work the pre-spray into carpet fibers and to aid break down of soilage. We work the solution from 4 different directions to further lift the carpet pile.


Hot water Extraction Cleaning

Now do we use our powerful machine to remove the soilage we have broken down in the above steps and to remove the cleaning solutions we have used. This dislodges any remaining soil from the base of the construction while killing any germs that reside on the fibers. We add a fresh smelling odoriser to our cleaning machine to leave your carpets smelling as fresh as it is clean!
The machines we employ use twin vacuum motors to remove the vast majority of water and ensure minimal drying times of only a few hours. Only a very small amount of moisture is left on the surface of the fiber to ensure an enduring cleanliness of your carpet.


Stains treatment

After the main hot water extraction cleaning we treat remaining stains and spots with specialized professional stain and spot removers.


Realign and groom the pile

After the carpet cleaning method we continue our work by grooming and aligning the face fiber to ensure the best visual finish possible.We use a brush to fluff up the fibers and leave the pile aligned. Overall we leave your carpet looking great!

Carpet Stain Protection (optional)

After the carpet has been cleaned and the surface of the fiber prepared, we can move on to apply fluoro-chemical stain protector. This barrier can last up to 5 years and coats each fiber to inhibit soiling and staining. It allows our clients to simply mop up spillages as it prevents the fiber absorbing oil and water based stains.
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