clean oven in white kitchen

How to clean an oven the best and quickest way – 3 oven cleaning hacks to try at home!

It is normally a couple of times a year that you suddenly clock that your oven is dirty. Like really dirty.

Spring time (March / April) and winter time, just before Christmas, are the times people come to the realisation that their oven just won’t stay clean forever. If this is you, we have got 3 great oven cleaning hacks for you to try yourself.

These hacks all use natural materials, and can clean your oven in less than an hour! These are the best, tried and tested techniques to clean your oven yourself, but do it on a regular basis otherwise you may not get all the baked on dirt off.

Hack #1: Cleaning your oven with baking soda and vinegar

Yep, you read it right! These two little ingredients (plus water), which you’re likely to have in your cupboard already, can clean your oven. So what do you have to do? Here are the easy-to-follow steps using baking soda to clean your oven:

  1. Remove your oven racks (and anything else you might have inside)
  2. Scrape off any large chunks of dirt
  3. Mix equal parts of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda is the same thing), water and white vinegar to create a paste
  4. Dab the paste all over the inside of your oven and leave overnight
  5. The next day, wipe your oven with a sponge as you normally would

Hack #2: How to clean an oven quickly using baking soda

Simply make the same paste as above, and then follow these steps after removing everything from your oven:

  1. Spread the baking soda, vinegar and water paste over the dirtiest bits of your oven
  2. Place the bowl (make sure it’s oven proof!) with the leftover paste inside your oven
  3. Set your oven to 100°C / 210°F and leave the paste inside for 45 minutes
  4. Wipe your oven with a cloth or sponge and voila, the dirt should come off easily!  

Hack #3: How to clean an oven with lemon (it’s super simple and quick!)

You only need two lemons, some water and a scouring pad for this oven cleaning hack.

  1. Cut your lemons in half and squeeze them into a baking dish
  2. Add the remainder of the lemons and fill the dish ⅓ full with water
  3. Set the oven to 120°C / 250°F and leave it for 30 minutes
  4. Relax while the lemon works its magic!
  5. After 30 minutes, let the oven cool down before using a scouring pad to remove the grime. Use a spatula for any large bits.  

Bonus hack: Cleaning oven glass

Just mix 45 g / 1.6 ounces of baking powder with some water and spread over the oven door. Leave for 20 minutes and wipe off with a damp cloth or sponge. That’s how simple it is!

How to clean the worst oven

Don’t! If you have left your oven for years without cleaning it and grease and food looks burnt on, it is best to get the professionals in. You could try and do it yourself but you may not get it 100% clean and spend a lot of time trying to clean it. A professional cleaning company will have all the right tools and cleaning materials to get your oven looking like new again. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth either with single ovens starting from £45.

If you would like help, Herts Carpet Cleaning offer a professional oven cleaning service in Hertfordshire and north London. The quickest and easiest way for us to quote is to fill in our contact form or call on 01727 822 167 so we can give you a price based on your type of oven.