sofa cleaned with vinegar with cat on window sill

Cleaning Your Fabric Sofa with Vinegar and Other Ways to Combat a Dirty Sofa!

Whilst there are many different products on the market targeted at getting rid of stains, dirt and smells from your sofa, none are as budget-friendly and effective as using at-home remedies to remove stains. Methods such as using vinegar to remove spot stains are proven ways to help treat those pesky marks found on your sofa. With the use of vinegar and others of our suggested techniques, you can have your sofa looking nice and clean again.

Firstly, before using any products to remedy spillages and clean your sofa, it is important that you check the cleaning requirements for your sofa specifically. A label giving you this information can usually be found under your sofa’s cushion. Here’s a break of these need-to-know codes:

  • W = wet or water cleaning only
  • S= dry solvent cleaning only
  • SW= both wet and solvent cleaning be used
  • X = only vacuuming and professional cleaning

If an X, don’t fret, as this is where we can help with your couch or other upholstery. With any of our suggested solutions, you should test the product in a small, unseen area to check it doesn’t affect the fabric of your sofa.


The Vinegar Stain Remover

White vinegar is a great and natural stain remover that can effectively remove stains from a number of different surfaces and materials. It is also seen as a suitable treatment to use on your fabric sofa. Simply blot any stained areas with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. For a better distribution of the solution, try putting it into a spray bottle to apply evenly over a larger area. Once applied, use a microfibre cloth to wipe the vinegar away and taking the dirt with it. Let the treated area dry naturally and reapply the solution a second time if necessary.

Vinegar is versatile for cleaning and is effective for breaking down dirt of varying origins; from the wine you spilt to the grease left over when you dropped your food, and even if your pet has had an accident, vinegar seems to do the trick.

Carbonated Water

Coffee and wine; two of the toughest stains to remove after a spillage. However, carbonated water can tackle these stubborn stains and combat your dirty sofa. Pour a small amount of the carbonated water onto the stain and blot with a clean a cloth. This will help to reduce the stained area.

Rubbing Alcohol

If you are unfortunate enough to get ink on your sofa, dabbing a little rubbing alcohol for this type of stain can help. Avoid rubbing the stain as this may make the stain look worse. If done properly, you’ll have the ink out of your sofa in no time.

Baby Wipes

Because of their gentle texture, baby wipes are ideal to spot-clean your sofa and treat any small marks. Also, as baby wipes are relatively dry, using them to remove your stains can prevent you from oversaturating your sofa with water and leaving a damp mark on your cushion.


Baking Soda

If you are concerned about the dirt and smell trapped within the fabric of your sofa, the use of baking soda can help combat this. Grab some baking soda, that you are likely to already have stored in your kitchen cupboards, and sprinkle evenly over your sofa’s surface. Leave the baking soda to work its magic for a minimum of 20 minutes but, for best results, apply before going to bed and leave overnight. In the morning, just vacuum away the baking soda to leave your sofa cleaner and smelling fresher. With this natural and dry cleaning method, you can sit down and enjoy the comfort of your sofa again in no time.

Water & Soap

While it may be the most rudimentary way to clean a sofa, for small food spillages this method does the trick at removing any dirt from your sofa. By having a damp cloth that has a small amount of soap on can help remove the stain without oversaturating your sofa with water. If you are not getting the desired results, try using a liquid detergent that includes enzymes. This works to help speed up the chemical reaction that helps break down the dirt and get rid of the stain more effectively.

These simple, effective and affordable ways of cleaning your sofa will allow you to combat the dirt. If you are having any problems getting rid of really stubborn stains, we can also help. Or if you prefer a professional cleaning company to take care of your sofa or other upholstery, contact Herts Carpet Cleaning for a quote. We have professionally cleaned sofas, couches, armchairs, dining room chairs and more since 2010.