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How much does an end of tenancy clean cost?

Moving out of your rented property? Concerned about getting your deposit back? You could clean the property yourself. But honestly, who has the time, energy or inclination to clean as well as pack and move a ton of stuff!

The first thing to consider is that the property may need a professional after tenancy clean if it was professionally done before you moved in. If you want your deposit back, you will need to leave the property in the same condition – bar reasonable wear and tear of course.

Even if the landlord hadn’t used a professional cleaning company beforehand, leaving your property in a good condition means you should not have to pay for any extra cleaning the landlord deems reasonable. So in this case, getting the professionals in really does make perfect sense.

And if you are the landlord, using a reputable and reliable post move cleaning company will save you money in the long run if a company is not professionally set up.

And we’re not just saying that as professional cleaners, but also as people who have moved many times!

So what is the cost of an end of tenancy clean?

Well, unfortunately there is no straightforward answer as this depends on a few factors as outlined below. But an average end of tenancy clean would be as follows:

  • approx. £150-£200 for a 1-bed flat
  • approx. £200-£250 for a 2-bed flat
  • approx. £250-£300 for a 3-bed flat

At Herts Carpet Cleaning, we would need to discuss your requirements or view your property before providing a quote. Not only will this prevent any unpleasant surprises for us and additional costs for you, but also ensures that the end of tenancy cleaners have all the right equipment and materials.

Size matters!

There are no brownie points for guessing that the cost of cleaning is directly proportional to the size of the apartment. And a 2-bed flat can vary substantially in size from a 2-bed house. If you have a lot of stairs or a bigger bathroom than most, this will also make a difference. Therefore it is advisable to give as much information as possible beforehand. This way, you will receive the most accurate quote, which can end up being more cost-effective.

Condition (especially if you’ve lived there a while!)

The costs may also vary depending on the condition of your property. If it has been well looked after and no special cleaning is required, it will be a straightforward job. However, if you have any particular areas that need special treatment e.g. stains on furniture or carpets, built up dirt in hard to reach areas, or stubborn mould and limescale, this will need extra time and work.

Moving out cleans are normally not the same as a deep clean. If you need an extensive, deep clean – maybe after moving into a property you’ve bought or after the builders have been in – make sure you mention this right at the outset.

Finally, try and make a note of all the areas that might need special attention so you can check with the company what is or isn’t included. Therefore it allows for complete transparency and everyone is fully prepared for the work to be undertaken.

What can you expect from a standard end of tenancy clean?

As mentioned above, depending on the state of the property, additional time may be required for specific problem areas. However, in most cases, a standard end of tenancy clean is sufficient.

Most end of lease cleans will leave your property in an excellent condition, but you will need a handyman for actual damages. For example, if you have any broken tiles or wine spilt on the walls or carpets, you will need additional services.

Usually it’s pretty straightforward to book in a professional carpet and upholstery clean at the same time, if your carpets and sofas need extra work. If you have lived in a property for some time, it makes sense to ask for this to done and most companies can do it at good rates as part of an end of lease package. Oven cleaning is something that you should clarify, as some companies might not do a full clean.

Questions to ask:

  1. What exactly does the end of tenancy clean include? Make sure you have received confirmation of what is included so there is no confusion at the end.
  2. What does an end of tenancy clean not include? Typically it would not include repairs, or the cleaning of walls. The outside of windows would not be included either. If you needed your carpets or upholstery professionally cleaned, then this could be offered as part of your move out clean with the same company.
  3. Professional does not always mean professional: check the company’s credentials on review sites and ask what their insurance cover is. And if they are very cheap, it will normally show. And there is nothing worse than having to hire another company or for the landlord to take the charges for a professional clean out of your deposit.
  4. VAT: double-check if VAT is included, as this is obviously an additional cost to you if it needs to be added
  5. Are there any other costs? This could include parking fees if there is no free parking outside the property. Cleaning materials generally speaking should be included but it’s worth checking this too.

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Herts Carpet Cleaning are based in St Albans, and have been doing end of tenancy cleans in Hertfordshire and North London for over 10 years. Contact us today if you need a reliable company for your end of tenancy clean.