Spring Cleaning Tips

As the weather starts to warm up again in spring (that can be a bit unpredictable in the UK!), it is time to open the windows and give your home a thorough spring clean. A spring clean is essentially a deep clean – time to blow (ie. clean) away the cobwebs, and give those forgotten areas some serious attention.

It’s such an important ritual for some people that even Oprah has a spring cleaning checklist on her site. This gives you timed slots for each room in your house, taking 8 hours in total to get everything done. Phew! It’s not an easy or quick job.

And deep cleaning your home once or even twice a year does make sense if you have a look at the areas that an everyday clean does not include. Here are our 4 top tips for a spring clean without the schedule. Do it in your own time, we say – or just get the professionals in!

Tip #1 – Decide on your cleaning materials

Plan ahead a little bit and make sure you have got all the right cleaning supplies to hand once you are ready to get started.

When it comes to homemade cleaning materials, vinegar is a popular cleaning ingredient because it is natural, non-toxic and cheap. It can be used to clean a variety of places such as windows, floors, surfaces, microwaves, taps and more. However, it’s also important to know what cleaning ingredients don’t mix! Vinegar and bleach mix to create a toxic gas that can be deadly, so it’s really a one or the other type of situation. You should also never use vinegar on screens, such as on your laptop or phone. We also recommend using cloths instead of paper towels, so you can really get into those stubborn grimy areas.

Tip #2 – Use a spring cleaning checklist

Who needs a cleaning checklist I hear you ask? A spring clean checklist is useful if you really don’t know where to start or which areas to cover. Here’s our simple spring cleaning checklist:

  • Repeat the same process in all rooms – such as dusting lights and fans, cleaning window sills, cleaning curtains, cleaning frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and light switches
  • Clean out your fridge – trust us, it will make such a big difference!
  • Wash your rugs if you can – otherwise book a rug cleaning service
  • Your sofa may look clean but it won’t be
  • Forgot about your mattress? Remember you lie on it every night, so make sure you take good care of what’s underneath the sheets too.
  • Ever washed your walls? Well, now is the time to do so.
  • Struggling to clean your bathroom tiles and grout? Use 90g of baking soda and mix well into 7 litres of water for a homemade cleaner. For tough stains, call in the pros.
  • Test your smoke detectors. Or book a free home fire safety visit from the Fire Brigade.

Tip #3 – Dust allergies?

If dust is a persistent problem in your house, it may be worth purchasing an air purifier. Dust can often cause us to sneeze or have allergy flare-ups as it starts to build up. Having an air purifier can substantially remove the amount of dust in your house, which also makes it appear cleaner for longer.

Some people also find cleaning hard floors to be easier than carpets, especially with fur shedding pets. So next time you are thinking of replacing your carpets, maybe opt for wooden or laminate flooring instead.

Tip #4 – Clean from the top down

This might be an obvious one but often overlooked. Plus, it will save you time going over the same areas again! When cleaning any of your rooms, make sure you start at the top (celings, lights, pendants) and then work your way down (walls, mirrors, light switches) and do the floor last.


And sometimes, if life takes over, and you’ve got your hands full with more important things or you just can’t face doing your own spring clean, get a professional cleaning company to take the load off.

If this sounds like you, we may be able to help. Herts Carpet Cleaning are specialists in one-off cleans, including carpet, rug, upholstery and oven cleaning, and work with households across Hertfordshire and North London.


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